Who we are
Who we are

RB Italy Holding is a portfolio company of the Reuben Brothers (RB). All the Italian assets owned by RB are managed through RB Italy.

RB Italy’s portfolio is currently comprised of investments across a wide range of industries, all acquired through NPL's and fully financed through equity.

Our current holdings include a major European flower producer and distributor, one of the largest marinas in the Western Mediterranean and adjoining real estate, a series of yacht berths under long term concession and a technical management provider for yachts.


Our aim is to continue growing our portfolio, predominantly through cash flow generating investments in asset backed businesses. With the backing of its principals, RB Italy can deploy considerable equity in a relatively short period of time.

RB Italy benefits from the Reuben Brother’s track record in innovative structures, distressed and work-out situation and business turn arounds.

The experience of our investment team expands across the spectrum of industrial activity: real estate, leisure, natural resources, agriculture, shipping and logistics.